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Working together to reach your goals

Why does working virtually work so well?

Working remotely teaches you, the pet parent, how to communicate and teach your dog new behaviors and coping skills with every interaction, which improves daily life for everyone. 

It also strengthens the relationship between you and your dog.   Since I will not be living with you, there's not much point in your dog and I learning to trust and communicate with each other.

Working remotely also allows you to work with your dog in an environment that you and your dog are familiar and comfortable with, having a stranger enter your home/property changes the way the dog feels and behaves and this happens with people too.

What does working with me look like?

You and I get together periodically over zoom, I teach you how to teach your dog new skills and behaviors.  

This means you will have to have a smart phone, computer or laptop with a camera, speaker and the zoom app (which is free), I can talk you through the rest.  

There is also some important foundational information that you'll need to work through, this will help you understand the process and the whys' as we work together. You will have access to this 24/7, which means you can watch the videos, read and practice at your convenience.

Since we are all always learning and there's a constant stream of new information, I'll regularly post things that are important/interesting to you as a dog parent, so be sure to follow Confident K9 on social media and/or sign up to join the membership group.

Accountability and commitment to reach goals

Just like learning a new language or starting a new job, learning a new skills takes time and commitment.  There is no "quick fix pill" to change behaviors and emotional responses for you or your dog.

I will ask that you keep a journal or notes on your phone (whichever works for your) so we can track progress and recognize patterns and triggers.

I am committed to helping my clients and their dogs, but in order to do that you will need to show up for your dog, that may mean making some lifestyle changes, just as you want your dog to change, your dog may need you to change also.

Going deeper together

We will discover why your dog does the things that drive you crazy and how to make changes, so that you can both live the life you want and love.

You will become a master at communicating with and listening to your dog, what does his body language tell you, how does he feels, what motivates him, what does he need in order to thrive and be his best self, what is he trying to tell you. 

 Understanding what your dog is trying to tell you is critical to building a better relationship, which in turn will enhance your training efforts.

Also understanding how emotions affect learning and health for both human and dog. Constant stress causes cortisol levels to increase and this plays havoc with you and your dog's health and immune system 

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