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Program includes:

Six private coaching sessions, conducted virtually via zoom

Daily activities

Printable handouts

Printable potty training schedule

Access to my Canine Body Language Presentation

Socialization checklist

Videos and resource links

Private facebook group for support and for sharing progress

Invites to join our live Q&A Sessions on everything dog

Total Investment $720

Book your free 15 minute chat to get started

You will learn how to:

  • Potty train your puppy

  • Crate train your puppy and learn why it’s important to do so

  • Problem solve and redirect undesirable behaviors like biting, chewing and jumping

  • Interpret puppy’s body language and understand why it’s such an important skill to learn

  • Get your puppy to perform behaviors and become fluent at them

  • What's best to feed your puppy, how often and why nutrition is so important

Puppy will begin to learn:

  • His/Her name

  • Sit

  • Lay Down

  • Body Handling is fun

  • Wait

  • Walking nicely on leash

  • Recall/Come here

  • Impulse Control

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