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Reactivity Program

Do you dread walking your dog?  

Have you tried various things friends have recommended or that you've seen on TV but nothing is working?  Maybe its getting worse and you are exhausted.

Dealing with an overly reactive dog is stressful and emotional and you don't have to do it alone.

This program is designed to help you better understand, communicate  with and support your dog.  

Fear, frustration and excitement are emotional responses and emotions take time and consistency in order to change, just like in humans.  Your dog's personality and behaviors are influenced by a complex mix of genetics and experience and more often than not a lack of experience.

Since you live with your dog  and I don't, this online program teaches and supports you while you support and teach your dog, on a daily basis, in micro sessions.  This works so much better than the traditional style of "Training" where I "The trainer" attempt to build a relationship with your dog, who may or may not like strangers, over many weeks during hourly sessions.  This doesn't work well since most dogs and humans aren't able to focus for that long and what happens in between sessions, 

when I am not there?  

This is an investment in your relationship, giving you skills and techniques that you keep for life.

Book your free 15 minute chat to get started

Self Paced

Learn at your own pace,

from any device, at your convenience in the safety of your home. 

Resume exactly where you left off. 

No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.


Join our community of pet parents who are dealing with a reactive dog, just like you. 

Learn, share and support each other on your journey.

Online Coaching

Private coaching sessions, to discuss and trouble shoot your individual dog and situation.

I am here to support you the human as well as the dog.  You are probably dealing with frustration and fear just like your dog.


As your skills grow, confidence grows, the stress and pressure you feel will begin to decrease.

The same will happen for your dog.

Enjoy this journey and really get to know your dog.

Program Includes

Over 100 tutorial videos

Six private coaching sessions, conducted virtually

Access to my Canine Body Language Presentation

Printable handouts



Private facebook group for support and for sharing progress

Invites to join our live Q&A Sessions on everything dog

Total Investment $995

Course Curriculum

The program is self paced, you'll have 12 months to work your way through the lessons, re-watch whenever you need to, get support when you need it, no pressure.

Each section builds on the last to create reliability and resilience for the human and the dog.

  • Understanding - 14 lessons

  • Observe - 16 lessons

  • Reset - 18 lessons

  • Building Confidence - 13 lessons

  • Essential Skills - 14 lessons

  • Growing relationship - 12 lessons

  • Advanced Skills - 13 lessons

  • Ready for the real world - 9 lessons

Some of the fantastic dogs I've learned from

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