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Problems crop up when we share our homes and lives with dogs', these fascinating creatures that we love so much, sometimes drive us crazy and let's be honest at times can be really embarrassing and frustrating.





What my clients are saying

“If you have a dog, you need Sarah now! 😉 I had done so much reading and learning before and after we got our dog, but having visitors in our home was becoming a huge problem that I knew I couldn’t fix on my own. From Sarah’s first response to me acknowledging that reaching out was a big step until now – 4 weeks later, she has been great. She has worked with us at my house, at her house, and in public; and it’s given me so much confidence to keep going. And I’ve loved having her with us as we experience new things to tell me exactly what my dog is “saying”. Reading articles and watching videos about dog communication is helpful, but having someone beside me to translate for MY dog in the moment has been above and beyond helpful. I’m learning to confidently advocate for my dog now (again more confidence for me). Sarah is doing way more than being a “dog trainer”, she’s training and educating me too!!”— Kerri Adcock

“We sought help with puppy raising. Worth every cent and more! A very professional, attentive, organized and knowledgeable trainer. After every session we were emailed a synopsis of what we covered, practices and direction. Received a course outline. She listens to problems you are having, behaviors you want, and strives to show you how to achieve your goals for your pet.”— Tom Caffall

“I have learned so much about dog behavior from Sarah, and I’ve been round dogs almost my entire life! She has helped me tremendously in training my spunky little rescued “street dog.” Both my dog and I have so much fun each training session. I highly recommend Sarah to those wanting to train their dogs, or just have a better understanding of their dogs.”

— Suzanne Bradford

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